Brake Repair

Man fixing brake disk. Selective focus.

How to tell a complete brake job from one that’s not

Ever wonder how repair shops know what cost to advertise for a brake job if they don’t know what the problem is? They don’t. We believe you can only tell what a brake job will cost after a thorough inspection of the brake system.

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How Brakes Work

When you press down on the brake pedal, brake fluid is sent from the masters cylinder, which is the little white box under the hood of your vehicle, through brake fluid hoses down to the brake calipers.

With hydraulics, the brake fluid causes the caliper, which houses two brake pads, to squeeze against the spinning rotor in each wheel. This action creates friction and slows the vehicle. Some vehicles have drum brakes in the hack. When the brake pedal is pushed, a piston pushes the brakes shoes against the drum.

Through use, the friction material on the brake pads and the surface of the rotor wear down and get dirty and rusty. Parts need to be cleaned, replaced and readjusted.

There is a difference in brake repair.

There are complete Jobs & Jobs that aren’t.

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